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Email Usage Policy & Guidelines

Users are supposed to comply following compulsory official email usage policy & guidelines:
  1. DO NOT provide your email password to anyone.
  2. Change your email account's password, frequently & after first logon.
  3. Please use complex (alpha-numeric & special-character) passwords.
  4. Keep an eye on your personal information.
  5. DO NOT click on any link appearing in email.
  6. DO NOT open your email account on virus infected system.
  7. DO NOT reply to any email whose sender is suspicious to you.
  8. DO NOT reply to any SPAM email. A spammed email mostly attracts users by mean of financial benefits, forged will-certificates, invitations, membership-schemes & asks for your personal details.
  9. ONLY download/open necessary attachments like *.doc/x, *.ppt/x, *.xls/x, *.pdf etc received from a known sender.